Wanna See Some X-Rays?

A couple of weeks ago, I visited a family care clinic to have my ankle checked out.  I’ve had ongoing pain issues off and on over the past 18 months since taking a tumble down two of the stairs in our apartment in early 2009 that just refuse to go away.  It doesn’t help that I’ve taken the same tumble twice either.   So,  a couple of weeks ago I wen to the clinic to have it looked at and as part of my work-up they took x-rays.  I’ve never had x-rays done of my foot before and b/c the clinic gave me digital copies, I of course just had to share for I think it is so cool.

my hands

More importantly,  I learned from the x-rays that I have a lot going on.

i've got a lot going on!
  • Area #1 is a cloudy spot on my tibia that the orthopedist wants me to have a MRI to look at. He said there may be a possibility that when I fell I fractured the bone and the increased density (that’s why it’s cloudy) may be where it is healing.
  • Area #2 is a heel spur.  I have one on both of my feet.  This may help explain why I wake up with foot pain in the morning.
  • Area #3 is a needle.  That’s right, a needle! About 8 years ago I stepped on a needle on my floor (from my cross-stitching heyday) and thought I’d pulled it out.  Life goes on and I forgot all about it until the clinician asked me about it as we were going over my x-rays.   I couldn’t believe it but you can certainly see it’s a needle – you can see the eye and everything on the higher-res pic I have.  That was too much!  I don’t need to have it taken out though as long as it’s not bothering me, so I guess in my foot it will stay.   🙂

As for my ankle pain; still to be seen.  I may have done something bad to the tendons that stabilize my ankle so we will see what happens with that.   TMI? maybe 🙂

4 thoughts on “Wanna See Some X-Rays?

  1. Amazing to see these on a blog! Very interesting. If I remember correctly my sister has a needle in her foot also. I will have to talk to her about this and add it to her history. Good luck, hope the pain goes away much sooner than later!

  2. That is wild! I still cannot believe the needle.

    Btw, I broke my ankle at age 15 and have had stability/reinjury issues ever since. The ligaments are all wonky and loose from being over-stretched during the break. PT helped me a bit; maybe it can help you, too.

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