Want to learn about Construct Validity?

Well, I won’t make you, but this is what I spent my morning doing – so much fun! Actually, it is not all that bad. The class I am taking this month teaches about how scales are developed (think Myers-Briggs) and how they are assessed for reliability and validity. The interesting thing is that twice this weekend I had situations where I was able to put some of what I’ve learned to use.

In family news, we had a relaxing weekend. I did some genealogy stuff, the kids played some educational games and we even went out to eat once. Not too exciting over here. 🙂 Those World Word videos are doing good though – today I asked Kaleya to spell the word “pie” and she was able to do it without really thinking! One of the episodes she has is all about pies.

And, I also added my twitter feed to the sidebar of my blog, so if you visit the site you can see what I’m up to. Until later…