We Have a New WebHost

After what has taken me way too many hours over the past couple of days, I have finally transferred my website to a new webhost.  I was actually not happy to have to do this, but over the past couple of  years I have been experiencing increasing dissatisfaction with my webhost over a myriad of technical issues & poor customer service for my website.  I’d been with my webhost for the past 6 years at least, so you can’t say I’m not loyal!

So, in the wee hours on Friday morning I purchased an account with BlueHost and began to transfer my files.  I’d been familiar with BlueHost since this summer in my role as webmaster for the NCGenWeb project and in that time I have seen the high level of customer service they offer.  They also have a more flexible back-end when it comes to my multiple WordPress-driven sites and I am thrilled.  In all honesty, for the past year, I’ve hated the thought of  posting to this blog and my genealogy blog b/c the administrative panels were ever-so-slow on my previous webhost and I could never get the issue resolved.   Also, their server permissions were set as such in a way that has not allowed me to take advantage of some of the features WordPress has added over the past few upgrades.

Thus,  48 hours later, my many files, databases and WordPress installations are all getting settled in their new home.  I do have one last portion of my site to transfer over, my genealogy site powered by TNG, but I am sure I shall have that completed by tomorrow morning.   Not everything went perfectly during the migration, but I have workable solutions for two portions of my site that didn’t quite work right and I will revisit them this summer for further customization.

Here’s to more blogging!