We now return to stitching

Thanks to those who commented on my librarian rant below. 🙂 Glad to have inspired and see others that enjoy their careers as well. But, I finally have a stitching update!

Last weekend when Isis was in the hospital, I started Innocent Guardian. Here is my first progress picture. Honestly though, I’m ambivalent about it and don’t be surprised if I restart it. I am doing it on 22ct natural linen and the coverage is not as concentrated as I prefer. I started off using the kit thread, then I started to convert to DMC and the DMC does cover better. I may give it another round of stitching time and see what I think.

I worked on TW’s Camelot Sampler. I don’t have a new pic of it as it is way too big for my scanner, but I’ll try to get a pic soon. I mostly worked more on the border.

Last night, I worked a few hours on Yew Tree Cottage. It is coming along nicely. Definitely a nice small project that I should be able to count as a happy dance this year.

And, speaking of happy dances — I expect to have one soon. I got in the last bit of kreinik that i needed to finish the geisha design I am doing from World of Cross Stitching. I guesstimate I could finish her tonite if I started stitching on her now. However, methinks I want to stitch on something else, so we’ll see. Stay tuned…

Oh, and I also started a crochet afghan for Kalonji. I worked on it for three hours and have approximately 20% completed.