We were sick this weekend

Both Kaleya and I were sick this weekend with colds – not fun. However, she did sleep eight hours straight Saturday night — my guess is because she was not feeling well. So, we spent the weekend indoors doing a bunch of nothing. I did get quite a bit of stitching done though on my new 100 Fu Characters cross-stitch. I started it thursday night after I got back from my stitching group. Here’a a link to my progress picture.

My netflix movies this weekend were Mean Girls, Tears of the Sun and Captain Corelli’s Mandolin. I liked Mean Girls — thought it was a cute movie with a good message. Tears of the Sun made me cry naturally, but I’m a big Bruce Willis fan so I had to watch it. I liked Captain Corelli but I expected more from it. It wasn’t bad though. Of all three, my favorite was Mean Girls.

4 thoughts on “We were sick this weekend

  1. Taneya I’m so glad you started the Fu. I love that. So need to see it in person some time. :o) Hope you and the munchkin are feeling better.

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