Webpage issues resolved

I got my tables all working correctly in the new webapge design! I am very happy about it as now, the menu navigation on the left stays in one place no matter how much text is in the right side column. Just took some patience to sit down and analyze the HTML code. 🙂 So, at this point the only pages I have left to convert to the new design are Kalonji’s poems.

Stiching wise, I decided to work on Yew Tree Cottage this weekend. Over the last two days I’ve put in several hours and made quite a bit a progress. This design is so colorful. Here’s my latest progress. It had been January since I last worked on this, so this is where I started.

Movie wise, I finished three Netflix movies this weekend – Punch Drunk Love, Run Lola Run and Mystic River. Punch Drunk was too weird for my tates – an interesting movie though. I liked Run Lola Run a lot and loved Mystic River – a very emotional movie.

3 thoughts on “Webpage issues resolved

  1. Hey Taneya! I like your new design for your webpage. I haven’t been stitching much, just crocheting. I’m almost done with one of the afghans I’m working on.


  2. Hi Taneya! Remember me, your long lost Villa Mirabilia friend? I’m just entering the world of blogging and reconnecting with all my old friends! I hope all is well with you…congratulations on your upcoming baby! That’s SO wonderful!

    Good to “see” you and I can’t wait to follow along with you in your blog!

  3. The new web site looks terrific Taneya! I love looking at other people’s WIPs and I always check your site in particular.

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