Weekend Excursion

what a weekend!

On saturday, we spent the entire day at our local outlet/mall place — Opry Mills as my mother-in-law was here for the day. Her job organizes an annual bus trip to Nashville just for that reason.  It was crowded out there and we were there all day. Had a good time though. 

However, on the drive home that night, my car proceeded to die on me. It all started on the highway when i noticed my dashboard lights were dim.  Within 5 minutes of me noticing this, they got dimmer, my internal lights came on, the radio started to die, i think my headlights were going out, my turn signals didn’t work and my hazard lights didn’t even work. Thankfully, I was in an area rather close to my job and was able to pull into a parking lot next to a large grocery store. No sooner than we pulled into the lot than the car died. So, we had to call my friend to come get us, a tow truck to take the car home, but despite that, i am thankful that it happened where it did and that I was not out of town.

So, Sunday I had the car tested and it’s running now. The battery and altenator are fine according to Sears and AutoZone but they couldn’t be sure what had drained the power. So, tomorrow I’m having an electrical test done to see if anything can be identified.  If I am having an electrical drain, they told me the car could do the same thing in a day or two. keep your fingers crossed for us!

No stitching this weekend, but maybe i’ll get some in tonite. Oh, and we got our family pictures back that we took last month and they are gorgeous!   And, speaking of gorgeous – here’s yet another pic of you know who!

7 thoughts on “Weekend Excursion

  1. Bummer about the car. Hope it is nothing expensive!

    WAH!! Could your baby girl be *any* cuter? You better not get close to California or you just might have to share her with me. lol

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed that your car troubles don’t continue! And oh my, what a gorgeous little girl you have there, she is adorable! 🙂

  3. Scary about the car Taneya. I am so glad you guys are safe. Hopefully it will be a minor little thing.

    And can I just say “princess indeed”!!! Kaleya looks adorable. I must have one of those pictures!!!! :o)

  4. What a gorgeous little girl!! You are so lucky! I sooo wanted a little girl but ended up with a house full of boys!

    She’s got long fingers too – looks like another stitcher!!!

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