What a week!

This week has been amazing, exhilarating, exhausting, and almost overwhelming… but, all in a good way! The library in which I work has officially begun managing another library here in Nashville. The leadership of this institution approached my library director to develop a plan to improve the services and skills of the library. The contract officially began Feb 1st and I’m spending a large percentage of my time involved in the project. I am enjoying it and learning a tremendous amount — this is a wonderful opportunity for professional development. However, it’s kept me extrememly busy 🙂

So, my stitching this week has been greatly reduced, but I’ve already gotten in about 90 minutes this morning and I should be able to stitch more later. I’m continuing to work on the 100 Fu characters, so I plan to get a new progress pic up soon. Kaleya and I have recovered nicely from our colds and are feeling much better.  In my last post, I neglected to put up a picture that i took of her –she’s been able to hold her head up when lying on her stomach now for a couple of weeks so I took a pic.

Kfm_floorHer thing over the past couple of days has been puckering her lips. of course I think it’s absolutely cute. 🙂

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