What is my Problem??

I have had problems focusing on my stitching the past couple of days. I seem to get distracted by my computer! So, as a result, I have only 9 hours in the past three days, and those have not been a good solid 9 hours as I kept stopping, stitching slow, etc. Who knows what my problem is?

I have indexed four magazines though — and been browsing the bay of evil way too much 🙂 Maybe i’m just not adjusting to my Tapesty of Life very well — the section I have worked on is very repetitive, no color changes and just rows of stitches. So, I think I will switch out and tomorrow night move onto something else. Here is my new pic of Tapestry of Life. There is some oddness with the lighting and how it was on the scanner, but the section I was working on is the bottom part — with the two blocks of rows and the beginning of the blue geometric band that goes between them.

[link to pic deleted]

At work today we received notification that a grant that we wrote has been funded!!! The money is from the Institute of Museum and Library Services and the money has come from an initiative of the First Lady to address the shortage of librarians. Over 20 grants were funded — so if you’ve ever entertained the thought of being a librarian you really should check out the insitutions that got funded. Many are paying for the degree program. For more info visit the IMLS Website.

And my friend whom I am stitching TW’s Birth Sampler for sent me a picture of her little girl today. She is 8 weeks old, so I guess I need to get my act together and work on it again huh! 🙂 I think I will do that this weekend. Until then, I think I hear a sub full of animals calling my name. (that would be Noah’s Submarine)

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  1. Wow, Taneya, 9 hours in 3 days?? I think that’s lots of stitching. I was pretty excited with my 2 hours last night and an hour the night before. Your Tapestry of Life is looking lovely.

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