Where does time go?

Sometimes I can’t believe how quickly time flies – two months of 2005 already gone. Time flies when you’re having fun right? We had fun this weekend. Kaleya and I went to Memphis again to go see Kalonji. Weekend was good – saw two movies — Saw and Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle. Saw was creepy. Harold and Kumar was funny.

On the way there, I made a stop at WalMart and b/c Kaleya prefers to sit up more lately, I put her in the sitting part of the cart. She did quite well in it.. didn’t complain once 🙂


Then, I took this picture when Kalonji had her in her lap. She is "reading" the liner notes from one of his CD’s. It was so cute 🙂


and, i even got a little bit of stitching in. I’ve been working of Angel of Grace lately so have made good progress on it. Here is my latest pic from Sat.


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