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North Carolina, United States



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Elijah  March 2016North Carolina, United States I5909 Main 
2 Harriett  About 1843North Carolina, United States I955 Main 
3 Sylvia  About 1847North Carolina, United States I1567 Main 
4 Adams, B.   I3553 Main 
5 Barkley, Charles Frank Jr.  About 1921North Carolina, United States I1055 Main 
6 Barkley, Keron  2 May 1926North Carolina, United States I1058 Main 
7 Battle, Virginia  July 1868North Carolina, United States I5067 Main 
8 Blackwell, John T. Sr.  approx. 1904North Carolina, United States I654 Main 
9 Blackwell, John T. Jr.  21 Mar 1925North Carolina, United States I656 Main 
10 Blount, Jessie  January 1882North Carolina, United States I3024 Main 
11 Boston, Annie Eliza  23 Jan 1889North Carolina, United States I769 Main 
12 Brody, C.E.   I5812 Main 
13 Brody, J.L.   I5813 Main 
14 Brody, R.   I5814 Main 
15 Brown, Ester Mae  17 April 1929North Carolina, United States I3391 Main 
16 Brown, Noah  February 1876North Carolina, United States I1737 Main 
17 Cherry, George Lee  14 May 1921North Carolina, United States I5210 Main 
18 Cherry, L.M.   I5571 Main 
19 Cherry, R.   I5572 Main 
20 Clark, Noah  28 April 1884North Carolina, United States I2281 Main 
21 Cox, Cora  03 March 1876North Carolina, United States I35 Main 
22 Cox, Lonnie  14 November 1914North Carolina, United States I1143 Main 
23 Cox, Robert Sr.  7 May 1835North Carolina, United States I1130 Main 
24 Cox, Roberta  5 May 1917North Carolina, United States I1157 Main 
25 Cox, Thelma L.  06 May 1938North Carolina, United States I3374 Main 
26 Croom, Anna  About 1900North Carolina, United States I5859 Main 
27 Dickens, George  About 1900North Carolina, United States I5624 Main 
28 Dupree, Buck  About 1861North Carolina, United States I5449 Main 
29 Dupree, Ellen  About 1869North Carolina, United States I5451 Main 
30 Dupree, Hyman  About 1846North Carolina, United States I5448 Main 
31 Dupree, Jennie  About 1878North Carolina, United States I5452 Main 
32 Dupree, Mary  About 1867North Carolina, United States I5450 Main 
33 Fry, James Leonard  05 May 1873North Carolina, United States I2802 Main 
34 Fry, Sarah M.  06 December 1888North Carolina, United States I4453 Main 
35 Frye, S.S.   I2417 Main 
36 Frye, Walter Atlas  Apr 1872North Carolina, United States I2458 Main 
37 Harris, Donnon Fritz  5 May 1903North Carolina, United States I3554 Main 
38 Hill, Bernetta  29 August 1890North Carolina, United States I1319 Main 
39 Holloway, Callie  11 November 1882North Carolina, United States I855 Main 
40 Jenkins, Charles Sr.  04 July 1885North Carolina, United States I207 Main 
41 Kennedy, Vera  About 1882North Carolina, United States I1565 Main 
42 Kilpatrick, Beulah M.  1 January 1908North Carolina, United States I1428 Main 
43 Kilpatrick, Ella Virginia  10 April 1923North Carolina, United States I5862 Main 
44 Kilpatrick, H.".A.V.   I392 Main 
45 Kilpatrick, L.   I5863 Main 
46 Kilpatrick, Lewis Proctor Sr.  9 August 1927North Carolina, United States I142 Main 
47 Kilpatrick, Lilla W.  About 1921North Carolina, United States I5861 Main 
48 Kilpatrick, M.D.J.   I385 Main 
49 Kilpatrick, Martha  approx. 1903North Carolina, United States I1426 Main 
50 Kilpatrick, P.   I394 Main 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 McDonald, Flossie Mae  3 July 2013North Carolina, United States I2617 Main 
2 Mitchell, Edmond Wesley Jr.  21 July 1952North Carolina, United States I857 Main 
3 Moore, Vivian  12 April 2016North Carolina, United States I5567 Main 
4 Perkins, John Jasper  22 February 2017North Carolina, United States I73 Main 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Frye / Sneed   F779 Main