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Edgecombe County, North Carolina



Matches 1 to 34 of 34

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Baskakeren, K. Sr.   I875 Main 
2 Battle, Catherine Ann  01 Aug 1809Edgecombe County, North Carolina I1056 NC Families  
3 Battle, Catherine Ann  01 Aug 1809Edgecombe County, North Carolina I54 Battle 
4 Battle, C.B.   I25 V. Robinson 
5 Battle, Della  abt. 1827Edgecombe County, North Carolina I2397 Main 
6 Battle, King Jr.  15 May 1931Edgecombe County, North Carolina I4 V. Robinson 
7 Battle, King Edward  01 Aug 1908Edgecombe County, North Carolina I2 V. Robinson 
8 Battle, Maggie Lena "Madlena"  20 Nov 1912Edgecombe County, North Carolina I15 V. Robinson 
9 Battle, William Horn  17 Oct 1802Edgecombe County, North Carolina I2 Battle 
10 Bullock, Mark Sr.  Dec 1880Edgecombe County, North Carolina I675 Main 
11 Bullock, Mary  abt. 1875Edgecombe County, North Carolina I882 Main 
12 Carney, Hattie  Edgecombe County, North Carolina I3 V. Robinson 
13 Chriss, Amanda  1868Edgecombe County, North Carolina I4767 Main 
14 Johnson, James  24 Sep 1922Edgecombe County, North Carolina I2535 Main 
15 Kitchin, Boaz  1790Edgecombe County, North Carolina I1063 NC Families  
16 Mays, C.E.   I3131 Main 
17 Mays, D.R.   I3132 Main 
18 Mays, W.A.   I3125 Main 
19 McNair, John Augustus H.  Sept 1818Edgecombe County, North Carolina I54 McNair 
20 McNair, Shadric H.  03 March 1868Edgecombe County, North Carolina I775 Main 
21 Pettaway, Carrie  Edgecombe County, North Carolina I5262 Main 
22 Porter, James Cuthbert Lloyd  12 Aug 1896Edgecombe County, North Carolina I4773 Main 
23 Slade, Bennie  Apr 1884Edgecombe County, North Carolina I160 Main 
24 Slade, C.   I1587 Main 
25 Slade, David  05 Jun 1886Edgecombe County, North Carolina I1380 Main 
26 Slade, Lucy Gertrude  01 Jan 1913Edgecombe County, North Carolina I1388 Main 
27 Smith, Arabella  abt. 1800Edgecombe County, North Carolina I1064 NC Families  
28 Wimberly, Allen  abt. 1817Edgecombe County, North Carolina I2396 Main 
29 Wimberly, Allen Benjamin  19 Oct 1905Edgecombe County, North Carolina I2408 Main 
30 Wimberly, Annie Bell  31 Mar 1903Edgecombe County, North Carolina I2407 Main 
31 Wimberly, Annie Etta  abt. 1867Edgecombe County, North Carolina I2414 Main 
32 Wimberly, Dred  18 Mar 1848Edgecombe County, North Carolina I2394 Main 
33 Wimberly, John Jameston  22 Mar 1899Edgecombe County, North Carolina I2406 Main 
34 Wooten, Violet  7 Jun 1905Edgecombe County, North Carolina I1121 Main 


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bullock, Chanie  Nov 1879Edgecombe County, North Carolina I612 Main 
2 Cotton, Amos  Aug 1871Edgecombe County, North Carolina I69 Wimberly 
3 Horne, Anna Lawrence  30 Mar 1912Edgecombe County, North Carolina I6 McNair 
4 Johnson, Martha  01 Aug 1937Edgecombe County, North Carolina I6 V. Robinson 
5 Kitchin, Boaz  1886Edgecombe County, North Carolina I1063 NC Families  
6 MacNair, Edward Dudley  04 Oct 1941Edgecombe County, North Carolina I11 McNair 
7 MacNair, Henry Bell  12 Jan 1957Edgecombe County, North Carolina I12 McNair 
8 Slade, Simon  11 Aug 1920Edgecombe County, North Carolina I1246 Main 
9 Whitfield, Frances "Fannie" J.  09 Apr 1919Edgecombe County, North Carolina I23 Wimberly 
10 Wimberly, George I  1768Edgecombe County, North Carolina I66 Wimberly 
11 Wimberly, George II  1790Edgecombe County, North Carolina I63 Wimberly 
12 Wimberly, George Lewis  10 Jan 1924Edgecombe County, North Carolina I3 Wimberly 
13 Wimberly, James  09 Mar 1936Edgecombe County, North Carolina I2401 Main 
14 Wimberly, Richard  10 May 1921Edgecombe County, North Carolina I2412 Main 
15 Wimberly, Robert Diggs  03 Aug 1872Edgecombe County, North Carolina I1 Wimberly 
16 Wooten, Arthur Jr.  8 Nov 1916Edgecombe County, North Carolina I1118 Main 


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Battle, King Jr.  12 Jul 1932Edgecombe County, North Carolina I4 V. Robinson 
2 Battle, Maggie Lena "Madlena"  21 Feb 1960Edgecombe County, North Carolina I15 V. Robinson 
3 Bullock, Mark Sr.  Edgecombe County, North Carolina I675 Main 
4 McNair, Luther  25 May 1936Edgecombe County, North Carolina I883 Main 
5 Porter, George Hezekiah  29 Feb 1936Edgecombe County, North Carolina I4483 Main 
6 Slade, Simon  12 Aug 1920Edgecombe County, North Carolina I1246 Main 
7 Wimberly, Allen Benjamin  24 Dec 1968Edgecombe County, North Carolina I2408 Main 
8 Wimberly, Annie Etta  11 May 1955Edgecombe County, North Carolina I2414 Main 


Matches 1 to 18 of 18

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Arrington / Wimberly  14 Mar 1855Edgecombe County, North Carolina F3 Wimberly 
2 Battle / Battle  Nov 1855Edgecombe County, North Carolina F3 Battle 
3 Cotton / Wimberly  23 Oct 1760Edgecombe County, North Carolina F19 Wimberly 
4 Hinton / Wimberly  06 Jun 1764Edgecombe County, North Carolina F23 Wimberly 
5 Kirtland / McNair  03 Jul 1823Edgecombe County, North Carolina F17 McNair 
6 Kitchin / Smith  04 Mar 1819Edgecombe County, North Carolina F353 NC Families  
7 McNair / Dunn  1866Edgecombe County, North Carolina F23 McNair 
8 McNair / Norfleet  abt. 1858Edgecombe County, North Carolina F924 Main 
9 Murphee / Wimberly  07 Jun 1764Edgecombe County, North Carolina F22 Wimberly 
10 Price / Wimberly  abt. 1864Edgecombe County, North Carolina F1389 Main 
11 Telfair / McNair  23 Mar 1853Edgecombe County, North Carolina F7 McNair 
12 Thorpe / Wimberly  abt. 1851Edgecombe County, North Carolina F930 Main 
13 Walker / Boston  1836Edgecombe County, North Carolina F213 Main 
14 Whitfield / Wimberly  13 Dec 1849Edgecombe County, North Carolina F15 Wimberly 
15 Wimberly / Battle  abt. 1841Edgecombe County, North Carolina F775 Main 
16 Wimberly / Diggs  28 May 1827Edgecombe County, North Carolina F48 Wimberly 
17 Wimberly / Lawrence  01 Dec 1859Edgecombe County, North Carolina F2 Wimberly 
18 Wimberly / Thomas  01 Sep 1764Edgecombe County, North Carolina F16 Wimberly