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Craven County, North Carolina



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Holland  Craven County, North Carolina I3154 Main 
2 Allen, Julia A.  03 Jun 1896Craven County, North Carolina I3184 Main 
3 Allen, Nathaniel  Feb 1886Craven County, North Carolina I3185 Main 
4 Allen, Squire  abt. 1897Craven County, North Carolina I3182 Main 
5 Barnes, Pearlie  20 Nov 1910Craven County, North Carolina I1583 Main 
6 Chapman, I.   I3378 Main 
7 Chapman, Lillian  03 Dec 1907Craven County, North Carolina I3396 Main 
8 Cox, Albert  12 Jan 1912Craven County, North Carolina I1141 Main 
9 Cox, Clara Elizabeth "Duck"  04 Jul 1929Craven County, North Carolina I542 Main 
10 Cox, C.   I1598 Main 
11 Cox, Edna Lucille "Cillie"  13 Sep 1935Craven County, North Carolina I1590 Main 
12 Cox, Edward Sr.  Jan 1875Craven County, North Carolina I1135 Main 
13 Cox, L.R.   I1992 Main 
14 Cox, M.E.".   I1596 Main 
15 Cox, R. Jr.   I1208 Main 
16 Cox, Shelton Lee Sr.  9 Nov 1939Craven County, North Carolina I1592 Main 
17 Cox, Willie  14 Feb 1918Craven County, North Carolina I1144 Main 
18 Dixon, Fannie  abt. 1893Craven County, North Carolina I3530 Main 
19 Donald, Mary  23 August 1858Craven County, North Carolina I2016 Main 
20 Edwards, Martha  abt. 1916Craven County, North Carolina I4605 Main 
21 Goodman, Essie Mae  06 Oct 1924Craven County, North Carolina I1203 Main 
22 Green, A.D.   I1248 Main 
23 Harper, M.E.   I1850 Main 
24 Harper, William Paul Sr.  8 April 1911Craven County, North Carolina I62 Main 
25 Harper, William Randolph  2 Aug 1933Craven County, North Carolina I68 Main 
26 Harris, George Pasteure "G" Jr.  05 Jun 1918Craven County, North Carolina I1190 Main 
27 Harris, William Randolph  29 Apr 1957Craven County, North Carolina I352 Main 
28 Holloway, Priscilla  February 1883Craven County, North Carolina I817 Main 
29 Jones, T.R.   I1690 Main 
30 Joyner, Addie  1864Craven County, North Carolina I3518 Main 
31 Kilpatrick, (daughter)  16 Oct 1920Craven County, North Carolina I1971 Main 
32 Kilpatrick, Abner Sr.  Abt 1870Craven County, North Carolina I1109 Main 
33 Kilpatrick, Ada  23 Oct 1914Craven County, North Carolina I133 Main 
34 Kilpatrick, G.".R. Jr.   I215 Main 
35 Kilpatrick, Jesse "JK" Lee Sr.  23 Oct 1931Craven County, North Carolina I143 Main 
36 Kilpatrick, Mary  May 1857Craven County, North Carolina I1103 Main 
37 Kilpatrick, Randolph  2 Sep 1885Craven County, North Carolina I30 Main 
38 Kilpatrick, Randolph Jr.  12 Jun 1921Craven County, North Carolina I1211 Main 
39 Kilpatrick, Robert "Boo-Ware" Coolidge Sr.  27 Jun 1925Craven County, North Carolina I141 Main 
40 Kilpatrick, Violetta "Cook"  5 Jul 1916Craven County, North Carolina I136 Main 
41 Koonce, Calvin Monroe  1947Craven County, North Carolina I1215 Main 
42 Koonce, C.L.   I51 Main 
43 Koonce, D.   I1921 Main 
44 Koonce, E.L.   I1932 Main 
45 Koonce, Harvey "Lamb" Sr.  29 Mar 1920Craven County, North Carolina I54 Main 
46 Koonce, Leroy Sr.  5 June 1933Craven County, North Carolina I1645 Main 
47 Koonce, Leslie Ward  15 March 1917Craven County, North Carolina I77 Main 
48 Koonce, Mary "Callonia"  20 February 1918Craven County, North Carolina I55 Main 
49 Koonce, P.L.   I81 Main 
50 Kornegay, Ella  07 Jun 1892Craven County, North Carolina I3522 Main 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Bryant, Theodore Wilson  24 Sep 2004Craven County, North Carolina I1479 Main 
2 Bryant, Washington  8 Mar 1928Craven County, North Carolina I239 Main 
3 Clark, Noah  03 Oct 1960Craven County, North Carolina I2281 Main 
4 Cox, Alice Marie  20 Jan 2000Craven County, North Carolina I1593 Main 
5 Cox, Channie  30 Mar 1957Craven County, North Carolina I1146 Main 
6 Cox, Clara Elizabeth "Duck"  23 Nov 1974Craven County, North Carolina I542 Main 
7 Cox, Cora  23 Nov 1949Craven County, North Carolina I35 Main 
8 Cox, Edward Jr.  16 Sep 1953Craven County, North Carolina I1140 Main 
9 Cox, James William "Bud"  28 Jan 1991Craven County, North Carolina I1584 Main 
10 Cox, Shelton Lee Sr.  1 Aug 1989Craven County, North Carolina I1592 Main 
11 Donald, Mary  25 August 1916Craven County, North Carolina I2016 Main 
12 Donald, Violetta  21 Feb 1933Craven County, North Carolina I32 Main 
13 Harvey, Clayton  18 Feb 1922Craven County, North Carolina I1486 Main 
14 Holloway, Callie  26 Dec 1962Craven County, North Carolina I855 Main 
15 Kilpatrick, (daughter)  16 Oct 1920Craven County, North Carolina I1971 Main 
16 Kilpatrick, Beulah M.  5 Dec 1988Craven County, North Carolina I1428 Main 
17 Kilpatrick, Edward  22 May 1925Craven County, North Carolina I31 Main 
18 Kilpatrick, Flosinda "Flossie"  2 Sept 1920Craven County, North Carolina I540 Main 
19 Kilpatrick, Lufton O'Neal "Bozo"  30 Jan 1984Craven County, North Carolina I475 Main 
20 Kilpatrick, Randolph Jr.  05 Oct 1926Craven County, North Carolina I1211 Main 
21 King, Evaline  17 Jan 1922Craven County, North Carolina I1004 Main 
22 Koonce, Calvin Monroe  1947?Craven County, North Carolina I1215 Main 
23 Lawhorn, Samuel Valentine Sr.  6 Aug 1944Craven County, North Carolina I288 Main 
24 Mitchell, Alice Caldonia Loretta  19 Jul 1997Craven County, North Carolina I946 Main 
25 Mitchell, Flora Katherine  2 Apr 1931Craven County, North Carolina I1006 Main 
26 Mitchell, Miriam Overton  5 Sep 1998Craven County, North Carolina I1233 Main 
27 Pollock, Siddie Omie  26 Oct 1929Craven County, North Carolina I2077 Main 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 Allen, Nathaniel  Craven County, North Carolina I3185 Main 
2 Allen, Nathaniel Jr.  17 Aug 1975Craven County, North Carolina I3196 Main 
3 Bryant, Theodore Wilson  3 Oct 2004Craven County, North Carolina I1479 Main 
4 Clark, Joe John  Craven County, North Carolina I2289 Main 
5 Clark, Noah  Craven County, North Carolina I2281 Main 
6 Donald, Mary  26 August 1916Craven County, North Carolina I2016 Main 
7 Hall, Lubertha  16 Aug 1959Craven County, North Carolina I3186 Main 
8 Harris, William Randolph  16 Jun 1957Craven County, North Carolina I352 Main 
9 Harvey, Clayton  19 Feb 1922Craven County, North Carolina I1486 Main 
10 Harvey, Mary Maggie  23 Aug 1940Craven County, North Carolina I33 Main 
11 Holloway, Callie  30 Dec 1962Craven County, North Carolina I855 Main 
12 Hood, Polly  17 Jul 1916Craven County, North Carolina I36 Main 
13 Kilpatrick, Caroline  26 Jul 1933Craven County, North Carolina I1104 Main 
14 Kilpatrick, Randolph Jr.  06 Oct 1926Craven County, North Carolina I1211 Main 
15 Kilpatrick, Susan  Craven County, North Carolina I1105 Main 
16 Koonce, Clarence Horten  29 February 1988Craven County, North Carolina I47 Main 
17 Koonce, Ella Levon  16 Dec 1984Craven County, North Carolina I24 Main 
18 Koonce, Harvey "Lamb" Sr.  Craven County, North Carolina I54 Main 
19 Koonce, Mamie Jane  Craven County, North Carolina I739 Main 
20 Koonce, R.   I2078 Main 
21 Koonce, William Junior Sr.  10 January 1976Craven County, North Carolina I21 Main 
22 Lawhorn, Bessie Lee  Craven County, North Carolina I445 Main 
23 Lawhorn, William Jr.  Craven County, North Carolina I114 Main 
24 Mitchell, Alice Caldonia Loretta  Craven County, North Carolina I946 Main 
25 Mitchell, Edmond Wesley Jr.  Craven County, North Carolina I857 Main 
26 Mitchell, Handy Franklin  30 Dec 1988Craven County, North Carolina I942 Main 
27 Tilghman, Alex Sr.  Craven County, North Carolina I134 Main 
28 West, Solomon  23 Sep 1960Craven County, North Carolina I3147 Main 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 Allen / Donald  13 Feb 1883Craven County, North Carolina F992 Main 
2 Clark / Nobles  1913Craven County, North Carolina F743 Main 
3 Cox / Price   F654 Main 
4 Douglas / Gillette  1925Craven County, North Carolina F1359 Main 
5 Johnson / Tilghman  1967Craven County, North Carolina F73 Main 
6 Kilpatrick / Bryant  30 Dec 1933Craven County, North Carolina F69 Main 
7 Koonce / Craff  1860Craven County, North Carolina F280 Main 
8 Koonce / Harris  1944Craven County, North Carolina F21 Main 
9 Koonce / Murrell   F164 Main 
10 Koonce / Pollock  27 Jan 1903Craven County, North Carolina F675 Main 
11 Lawhorn / Kilpatrick  4 July 1931Craven County, North Carolina F11 Main 
12 McDaniel / Hall   F593 Main 
13 McDaniel / Lawhorn  1962Craven County, North Carolina F40 Main 
14 Moore / Kilpatrick  1938Craven County, North Carolina F46 Main 
15 Patrick / Cherry   F1518 Main 
16 Scales / Lawhorn   F75 Main 
17 Smith / Holloway  09 Dec 1903Craven County, North Carolina F399 Main 
18 West / Koonce  18 Mar 1891Craven County, North Carolina F981 Main