$100 & a Few Years Later…..

In 1896 Myron A. Munson published the first volume of his family history research, titled 1637-1887, the Munson record, a genealogical and biographical account of Captain Thomas Munson, a pioneer of Hartford and New Haven, and his descendants.

I can’t always keep up with all of the individual family histories added to the Internet Archive, but when there are clear geographical designations such as indicated here, I do add them.  In 1882 the author, Myron was given $100 by his siblings to do their family history research and he states in the introduction that within 3 weeks he had traced the family back to the pioneer, and this was 4 more generations than Myron’s grandfather had provided.   Do you know how much research I could get done for that kind of money???!!  I’m not sure exactly how much that would have been, but $100 several years later in 1913 is more than $2200 today.

Volume 1 of the book has been added to the families pages — even if you aren’t related to one of the 87,000+ descendants in the book, there is still much to marvel over — portraits, tombstone photos, maps, wills, signatures, land plats, etc.  You can access the book here.

Volume 2 can also be found online via Google Books.




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