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Christian Family Companion (1866)

The Christian Family Companion newspaper was published by the Church of the Brethren.  According to the record details on the Internet Archive, it began, as a weekly paper Jan. 3, 1865, edited and published by Henry R. Holsinger at Tyrone, PA. … Continue reading

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$100 & a Few Years Later…..

In 1896 Myron A. Munson published the first volume of his family history research, titled 1637-1887, the Munson record, a genealogical and biographical account of Captain Thomas Munson, a pioneer of Hartford and New Haven, and his descendants. I can’t always … Continue reading

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Need a Dentist? Find One From the First Dental School

How timely this collection is for me; my stepson is telling us his teeth are bothering him, so this week I’m scheduling a dental appointment for him. And interestingly enough, I finally got around to adding the yearbooks of the … Continue reading

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Where Everybody Knows Your Name?

I used to love watching Cheers when I was younger.  I found all the characters quite entertaining.  Many of the actors too are still quite active  – Kirstie Alley is currently on Dancing with the Stars, Ted Danson recently starred … Continue reading

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Alumni News from Millsaps College

Several publications from Millsaps College (Hinds County, MS) are being added to the Internet Archive.   Recent additions include some of the Alumni News material – namely, Major Notes.  Alumni publications can provide many genealogically interesting details that can aid … Continue reading

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Benedictine College Yearbooks Online

Between these walls of silent thought To gain some knowledge clear we sought And many hours o’er books we spent With downcast eye and head low bent The library of Benedictine College.  Yearbooks from 1931-1980s are online at the Internet … Continue reading

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Yearbooks, Yearbooks & More Yearbooks

One of the pages on this site that I add to most frequently is the Yearbooks page.  To date, there are yearbooks from more than 60 schools and about 20 schools.  I have a passion for yearbooks, so perhaps that … Continue reading

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Bookshelf Introduction

Welcome to the Genealogy Digital Bookshelf website.   As I state on the front page, I present this site in hopes that others find it of use.    The site is designed to organize books that I locate at the … Continue reading

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