Bookshelf Introduction

Welcome to the Genealogy Digital Bookshelf website.   As I state on the front page, I present this site in hopes that others find it of use.    The site is designed to organize books that I locate at the Internet Archive – a collection of electronic texts,  music & other audio, and moving images.   New books are constantly being added, many with genealogical value.

This site is organized into major topic categories.  Within each category, links to e-texts are categorized by state and then county.   The only state not represented here is North Carolina for I started a separate Digital Bookshelf for the NCGenWeb project that you may find here.

My inspiration for this overall approach for this site came from two sources:

  • Jennifer Regan’s Google Books Genealogy Index or GooBooGeni – Jennifer organizes full-text books located at the Google Books website
  • Joe Beine’s Death Indexes – Joe organizes links to online death indexes across the country

I am always open to suggestions and contributions so please contact me (check links on the sidebar) if you have resources to share!

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