Need a Dentist? Find One From the First Dental School

How timely this collection is for me; my stepson is telling us his teeth are bothering him, so this week I’m scheduling a dental appointment for him. We always enjjoy sending him to the dentist because he comes back with free teeth whitening kits that he does not use.

And interestingly enough, I finally got around to adding the yearbooks of the first dental school in the world, the Baltimore College of Dental Surgery. These were added to the Internet Archive a few of weeks ago by the University of Maryland’s Health Sciences and Human Services Library (a place which I’ve been to in my professional capacity as a medical librarian – beautiful building!).

Class of 1901 Officers

The class of 1901 had 85 graduates from more than 20 states, Canada, Turkey, Puerto Rico, & Germany.  Sounds like an interesting group.  Currently, yearbooks from about 1901-1989 are available.

Fortunately, the library team made good use of the subject keywords to list each year, so I don’t have to link to each volume individually.  These have been added to Yearbooks page.

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