Brown Family Triplets (b. 1887)

William Thomas Brown born Oct. 12, 1832; died April 12, 1898
Isabelle Harralson born Aug 18, 1850; died Dec. 7, 1927
married Jan. 7, 1868 and parents of :

Herbert Brown b. Jan 29, 1887  d. Jan 30, 1887
Herman Brown b. Jan 29, 1887 d. July 7, 1887
Hiram Brown b. Jan 29, 1887    d. Jan. 30, 1887

Herbert, Herman and Hiram Brown – the triplets were said to be the first triplets born in this area of the state.  They were such an oddity many  from the community went to visit and touch them.  It was thought that if  visitors had been limited the babies might have lived.  They are buried in MT. Zion Cemetery in Beech Grove, KY.

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