MITCHELL, Granderson Edgar (b. 1870)

Granderson Edgar Mitchell, M.D.  After graduating from medical college Doctor Mitchell located at Reed in Henderson County, and he regards it as his good fortune that he chose at the beginning a location that has become increasingly congenial to him, and it has also been the good fortune of the community to enjoy for a period of over twenty years the conscientious labors and devotion of such an able physician and surgeon as Doctor Mitchell.

He was born on a farm in McLean County, Kentucky, August 24, 1870, a son of Gideon Granderson and Susan (Hayden) Mitchell.  His paternal grandfather was Christian Allen Mitchell, who married a Miss Cardwell.  The Mitchells are of Scotch-Irish ancestry.  The maternal grandfather of Doctor Mitchell was William Hayden, a native of Kentucky, who married a Miss Cooper.  Gideon G. Mitchell was born in North Carolina and was about ten or twelve years of age when his parents came to Kentucky and settled in McLean County.  He spent his active life as a farmer and lived to the age of seventy-seven, while his wife, who was born in Daviess County, Kentucky, died at the age of seventy-eight.  They were the parents of eight-children, six of whom are still living.  One died at the age of sixteen.  Dr. Elmore Flavius Mitchell, a well-known physician at Beech Grove, Kentucky, died in 1920, at the age of forty-six.

The children all grew up on a farm and were reared in the Catholic faith.  Granderson Edgar Mitchell, next to the youngest in the family, worked in the fields when not attending country school, also had private instruction, and in 1898 completed his course by graduation from the Kentucky School of Medicine at Louisville.  He at once located at Reed in Henderson County, and that has been his home and the scene of his professional activities for twenty-two years.  He is a member of the Henderson County and Kentucky State Medical Association and is a democrat in politics.

In 1904 Doctor Mitchell married Miss Carol Johnson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Johnson, of Reed. They have two daughters, Dorothy Katherine Mitchell and Susan Caroline Mitchell.  

Source: Kerr, Charles, William E. Connelley, and E M. Coulter. History of Kentucky. Chicago: American Historical Society, 1922.

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