BENTON, COIN, COINE, WEAVER posted by Todd A. Coine on Saturday, January 10, 1998

COIN or COINE , John D. Coin, born-1833 , in Grainger Co. Tenn./ died 1899 in Mclean Co., Ky. he was married to Dinah Ann BENTON, born 1836, in Ohio Co. / died 1916 in Mclean Co., Ky. their son John W. Coin one of 10 childern was born on Jun. 11, 1863 / died Jan. 27, 1929 in Mclean Co., Ky. he was married to Mary E. WEAVER born on Apr. 11, 1867 / Died Jul. 11, 1949 In Bell Co., Ky. they had 5 childern that I am aware of Forrest (Coine) born Sept. 19, 1889 / Died Jun. of 1979 my (grand father), Myrtle Coine born Mar. 27, 1893, Robert Weaver Coine born July 22, 1897, Walter Coine Jan. 19, 1900, and Marvin Coine born Feb. 1905. I am not sure of the name spellings my grand father spelled our name Coine but all of the information that I have says that the rest of the family spelled it Coin. If any one can help me I would be very grateful.

BRACKETT, ELLIS, HARDIN, MANN, WILLIAMS posted by Steve Ellis on Saturday, January 24, 1998

I am seeking info. on:Charles A. ELLIS[1865-1902] and his wife: Annie D. WILLIAMS[1870-1941]. Their children:Mary A.[1892-1917],Guy{or George}[1895-1968],and James HARDIN[1899-1969]. Charles died in April of 1902[and is buried in Calhoun Cemetery]. Annie then married Charles MANN in 1903{at the home of William and Mary BRACKETT},they then had 3 children:Dolly{1912?-},Nellie{?-195?},and Henry{?-192?}. In 1917 they moved to Minturn, Colo. I believe that Charles Ellis was brought up with his bro. James at the home of William Jackson Brackett. Any info. please contact: Steve Ellis @606-236-0722,469 High St. Danville, Kentucky 40422.

HUMPHREY posted by Beverly Terry on Sunday, January 25, 1998

I am trying to locate any information on George HUMPHREY who died 01/26/44. (vol 011 cert 05125 deathvol 44) He was a black man who was married to Lena. She died 03/12/63(vol 016 cert 07723 deathvol 63. n ). That is all the info I have. Let me know if you can find more. I would appreciate it.

CHADD posted by Keith Fletcher on Sunday, February 8, 1998

Looking for any information on a Mr. James M. CHADD of Calhoun, KY. Chadd was a Civil War soldier in the 2nd KY Artillery. He also served as a wagonmaster for Union scouts in Middle Tennessee in 1865. Thanks,