Quadruple Nuptials (3 February 1890)

Four Knots Tied at Once by a Calhoun, Ky. Minister

Calhoun, Ky., Feb. 3 – Bethel church was the scene of a brilliant and notable society event at 11 o’clock Friday morning, the occassion being a quadruple wedding, in which Mr. Robert MOSELY and Miss Mollie WALKER, Mr. Frank J. MOSELY and Miss Ava BOYD, Mr. Zach BROOKS and Miss Lula EUBANKS and Mr. Bud SANDERFUR and Miss Leona WALTRIP, all prominent young people of this city, were unified in marriage by Rev. T.J. RATCLIFF. 

Source: Hartford Herald. 12 January 1916.  Available online at Chronicling America: Historic American Newspapers.

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