Loom Knitting Scarf Completed!

Our family has been working collaboratively on a loom-knitted scarf the past few weeks. The kids have been doing it as a present for their principal.  Sadly, the kids seemed to lose steam so yours truly ended up finishing it up, but it was such fun!

Here is Kaleya modelling the freshly-completed scarf. It was done with 2 skeins of Wool-Ease Quick Knit yarn.


Our 12th Anniversary

December 31, 2013 was our 12th anniversary and Kalonji and I had a nice, leisurely day. We hung out with Kaleya running various errands around town and finished the day with a fulfilling dinner at the Aquarium Restaurant.

Earlier in the day, I took this picture of Kalonji and Kaleya wrapped up in his Dr. Who scarf 🙂

And here is photo montage of our dinner. Yummy!

Merry Christmas!

It’s Christmas Day!

For my present to Kalonji, I knitted the Dr. Who scarf and I completed it just in time for the holiday. The scarf is ridiculously long; it took me more than 100 hours to knit – but I thoroughly enjoyed knitting it!  If you know anything about Dr. Who, this scarf was worn by the 4th Doctor. This is my Christmas and Anniversary present to Kalonji.  🙂

And, at home today we are having a quiet day. Kaleya has opened her presents – one of which is a digital camera so watch out for photos from her later on!

The Family that Knits Together

Knitting & crocheting extravaganza in our house this past weekend.  Since starting the Dr. Who scarf, the kids have all expressed interest in learning.  So, learn they did!

Miles has started a scarf. It will be red, black and green and the stripe pattern is based on the Dr. Who scarf.  It won’t be nearly as long though.  I’ll share pics once he get’s more done.

I learned how to knit on a loom and taught Kaleya & Q.  They are jointly working on a scarf and doing a great job! Jihad has done a few rows here and there, and plans to start his own scarf after they do theirs.  Looks like I have to make a trip to Michael’s to pick up another loom sometime. 🙂




And, I taught myself how to make crocheted granny squares!


I’m hooked. I want to make a bedspread now for our bed.  It will be a huge one too – king sized! I’m thinking a bunch of individual squares like this one – but with a different color scheme.

Meanwhile, I continued working on Kalonji’s Dr. Who scarf and have now made it 2/3 of the way through. I’m on Row 744 of 1042; that’s about 70% through – only about 300 more rows to go. Whoo-hoo!


I am enjoying working on his scarf so much, I decided to make another one – for me. Kinda funny since he’s the Dr. Who fan.  But, mine will not have the original coloring – instead, I’m going vibrant! And, I’m crocheting it instead of knitting it.  I am using Caron Simply Soft yarn and my colors are Iris, Off White, Limelight, Sunshine, Dark Country Blue, Grey Heather and Red.


Since I am crocheting the scarf, I’m having to figure out how many rows to do, and it seems that with my gauge, I can get away with cutting the knit row county by 4.  And, the yarn I am using is finer than the yarn for Kalonji’s scarf, so mine won’t be as heavy.  Furthermore, I reduced my scarf’s width to 8 inches.  I think I am going to love it when it’s done! Here is my first progress pic at about 11% complete.



My Return to Knitting – Dr. Who Scarf

In the past few months, Kalonji has become a huge Dr. Who fan.  And, he’s turned Kaleya into one too! It’s so cute.  Last night, he took her out on a daddy + daughter date to go see the 50th anniversary special “The Day of the Doctor.”

Then, this morning, Kalonji sends me a picture of the scarf worn by the 4th Doctor and told me he wanted one.  To which I replied – “I’ll make it for you!”

4th Doctor figurine

And, make it for him I will. I’m actually quite excited – I haven’t knit in about 12 years so it will be fun to return to it.  This will by my Christmas and Anniversary present to Kalonji.

A funny thing though is that when I showed the picture of the scarf to Kaleya, she recognized it – and, when I asked who from the show wore it, she replied “The 4th Doctor.”  Wow! Not just any Doctor – she knew it was the 4th one.  #smh

It may take me forever and a day, but I am going to enjoy doing this while doing my binge TV watching.  Tonight we went to Michael’s and I picked up the yarn for it. The pattern was easy enough to find and as colorful as it it, there are only 7 colors used in it – not too bad.  The colors as you see in the picture is not quite true to what they are in person, and the colors I’ve chosen are not quite “true” to the original – but it’s close enough for Kalonji.

I took the time to figure out my gauge and everything, so the final product will be about 12 inches wide and 12 feet long.  Vanna White’s Vanna’s Choice yarn by LionBrand (mostly- there is one exception). I am using size 6 needles (14 inch long) and the scarf will be 50 stitches wide.

Looks like most of my genealogy projects will have to go on hiatus in the month of December.  🙂