Negro Subdivision Being Sold Rapidly (1925)

With more than 80 acres already laid out into 782 lots, Douglas Park, located about 2 miles northeast of the city, is showing signs of soon becoming the finest negro settlement in this county.

Douglas Park, backed by the Douglas Park Development company, which is composed of 15 of Sarasota’s leading realtors, is selling fast to the class of colored folk which is anxious to make its permanent residence in this section.  Randall and Pallman, selling agents for this new division, have offered prizes to all the negro churches in Sarasota county making high sales.  Selling off all the lots has been placed in charge of ministers of these churches and the minister with the best record will receive a small commission while his church will be awarded a grand prize.

Promises of a baseball diamond, modern re-enforced swimming pool and an elaborate dancing pavilion for the near future have been made by the development company.

Negroes all over the county are looking forward to the completion of the new settlement where their families can center their social activities with home life.  Lots are to be had at present for as little as $200.

Source: Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 4 October 1925. Available at Google News Archive. 

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