Negro Subdivision Being Sold Rapidly (1925)

With more than 80 acres already laid out into 782 lots, Douglas Park, located about 2 miles northeast of the city, is showing signs of soon becoming the finest negro settlement in this county.

Douglas Park, backed by the Douglas Park Development company, which is composed of 15 of Sarasota’s leading realtors, is selling fast to the class of colored folk which is anxious to make its permanent residence in this section.  Randall and Pallman, selling agents for this new division, have offered prizes to all the negro churches in Sarasota county making high sales.  Selling off all the lots has been placed in charge of ministers of these churches and the minister with the best record will receive a small commission while his church will be awarded a grand prize.

Promises of a baseball diamond, modern re-enforced swimming pool and an elaborate dancing pavilion for the near future have been made by the development company.

Negroes all over the county are looking forward to the completion of the new settlement where their families can center their social activities with home life.  Lots are to be had at present for as little as $200.

Source: Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 4 October 1925. Available at Google News Archive. 

ALBRITTON, Paul C. – Youngest Judge (1925)

Gains State-Wide Reputation for His Method of Handling Office

“Only a hundred and costs this time, and don’t let me see you here again soon. That’s all for today.”  And County Judge Paul ALBRITTON removes the cigar from his mouth and walks from the court room.

Since his appointment a year ago last June to county judgeship Mr. ALBRITTON has gained a state-wide reputation through his severity in dealing with criminals.  But with this he has also made himself well known among all classes as an honest judicial officer.

To use his own words, the judge said, “I want every man who appears before me to know that I am not here to punish him but to correct him.  Every man in my court is to make himself feel entirely at home, but those who acquire a habit of coming here I usually sentence heavily enough that they don’t appear a second time.”

Judge ALBRITTON, the youngest man to ever hold office of judge in Sarasota county, is a native of this state.  He was born 29 years ago in Bee Ridge and attended school there until Sarasota high school was started in 1909.  He was the first man to be graduated from the Sarasota high school.

In 1915 he enrolled at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and attended that school until World War was declared, when he enlisted in the United States Navy. Before the end of he war Judge ALBRITTON had gained the rank of ensign.  He served in the <…> division at Pensacola until <…> armistice was signed, going back to Boston to complete his education at that time.  In 1920 he was graduated with A.B. and LLB degrees and returned to Florida to practice law with the firm of ALBRITTON and CLARKE of this city.

In June of 1924 he was appointed county judge by Governor MARTIN.  He was re-elected to the bench one year later when his term expired.  Since taking office the judge has made many friends among the jurors, lawyers and officers of the county.

Source: Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 4 October 1925. Available at Google News Archive. 

Belle Haven Inn Doomed (1925)



The old Belle Haven Inn, Palm and Main streets, which has been one of the familiar landmarks of the city since its erection in 1898, will be replaced, in a short time, by a new 15-story hotel and a nine-story home and office building for the American National Bank.  The Adair interests are building the hotel.  This old inn, first known as the DeGoto hotel, has served thousands of tourists.  Other famous old rooming houses of the city were the old Sarasota house, the Vincent house and the Prentice house.

Source: Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 4 October 1925. Available at Google News Archive. (p. 13)

REAGIN, Claude & Mayme PARNALL (m. 1925)

Miss Parnall and Mr. Reagin Married

The marriage of Miss Mayme PARNELL to Mr. Claude REAGIN took place Friday evening at the Methodist parsonage.  News of the wedding came as a complete surprise to their many friends.

The ceremony was performed by the Rev. J. Watt SMITH in the presence of Mr. Claude TURNER and Mr. Bryan PEMBERTON.  Mrs. REAGIN is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. M.B. HESTER of Macon, Ga.  Mr. REAGIN is a tax assessor for Sarasota county.  They will be at home at 4 Vamo Drive.

Source: Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 4 October 1925. Available at Google News Archive. 

DAVIS, Henry and HAND, Esther (m. 1925)

Marriage Solemnized in Sarasota

The marriage of Miss Esther HAND and Mr. Henry DAVIS was quietly solemnized Wednesday evening at 8 o’clock by the Rev. J. MILLER at his residence in Bee Ridge. Only a few intimate friends of the bride and bridegroom were present.

The bride is the daughter of P.W. HAND of Bee Ridge and is popular with the younger set of Sarasota.  Her gown was of delicate blue satin-back crepe, trimmed with dull gold lace godets, and she wore a hat of black panne velvet.

Mr. DAVIS was formerly of Pelam, Ga., and is now associated with the Olson Motor company of this city.

Those attending the ceremony were Miss Margaret O’QUINN, Frank SIMPSON, Horace LAMB and the father of the bride. Mr. and Mrs. DAVIS will make their home with Mrs. G.S. WARREN, Pineapple avenue.

Source: Sarasota Herald-Tribune, 4 October 1925. Available at Google News Archive. 

Sarasota County Profile (1921)

The fame of Sarasota as an incomparable winter resort and year round place of residence is spreading on fairy wings.


It is located on the hast beautiful bay in America, in the heart of the famous Manatee County orange and grapefruit sections, and has

An excellent golf course.

Two boat-building establishments.

Some of the best hunting in the State.

Official landing station for airplanes.

Twelve miles of brick and asphalt streets.

Excellent hotels on mainland and adjacent keys.

Many fine homes and elaborate estates nearby.

Over 300 days of yearly sunshine; 365 growing days.

Woman’s Club, with $7,000 club house and public library.

Only 20 degrees between mean summer and winter temperature.

Safe boating and an endless variety of fishing, freshwater, bay and deep sea.

Population of about 2,500, largest city on the Gulf mainland coast south of St. Petersburg.

Bay front public park, with municipal pier extending 600 feet into the bay, with a recreation pavilion at the end.

Free bridge over Sarasota Bay to the wonderful Crescent Beach on the Gulf of Mexico, affording the best bathing beach on the Gulf coast of Florida.

Sarasota, on Sarasota Bay, is the county seat. As this is one of the new counties created in 1921 its past history is linked with that of Manatee County. The western boundary is marked by the briny surf that bathes the golden sands. The forests, draped in waving gray, keep watch over the silent years of the centuries.

The famous Potter Palmer estate is near Sarasota.

Source:  Florida Quarterly Bulletin of the Department of Agriculture, October 1, 1921, Volume 31, Number 4