We went to the fair this weekend for a few hours — mostly just to say we’d “been there, done that” 🙂 I of course had to check out the cross-stitch exhibits and was very pleased. There was some beautiful work displayed. My favorite was the Taj Mahal Watergarden by Chatelaine Designs — I can’t wait for the day when I can purchase this for myself. And yes, we’ve got pictures!

On a different note – I’ve spent the last few days discovering many neat things you can do online as I have been reading blog after blog after blog. Here are some of the applications I like the most so far:

  • Taneya Google — look! it’s my very own Google search engine
  • BlinkList – my overall principle when it comes to data management is to have it ONLINE! That way, I can have access to it no matter where I am and I can just make backups to store on my computer. Blinklist is an online bookmarks application — I just put my bookmarks here and then I can access them anywhere.
  • XmailHardDrive – an application that lets you use your Gmail account like an online harddrive. It is a simple application and an interesting idea
  • Ta-Da List — same principle as above — put it online. This free service lets you put to-do lists online

Yes, I confess, not only am I a cross-stitch junkie, but a tech freak as well. 🙂

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  1. Thank you for posting some pics of the fair! I didn’t get to go this year and I was hoping someone would take pics!! Melanie at Medieval Needle won ribbons for her work, too!

  2. Cool pics! The dragons you have stitched were mine too – they were this year’s dud! We’ve got to get together and stitch!

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