A Man Said to the Universe

When I was in the 11th grade, I read a poem in my English class that has always stayed with me – Stephen Crane’s “A Man Said the Universe.”  The poem has stayed with me because of its simplicity in stressing how there is more to the world than us and we are only a small part of what happens in this world.

Today, I was able to experience the total solar eclipse here in Nashville and that experience was the perfect manifestation of the poem for me!  The phenomenon of what happened with the interplay between the moon and the sun gives such an incredible appreciation for nature and the universe.

Kaleya and I went to Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage to view it with friends and it was amazing! I did not get good pictures, but viewing the corona was so cool, I saw Baily beads, and the diamond ring as the moon receded was spectacular!

Before the day, I learned of a coloring page for the eclipse from Skip to My Lou.  I totally got my inner child on and colored it to document the experience. I don’t color often, but it was fun to do to pass time as we waited.

Had such a great time! Now I’m ready to plan my travel for the next one in 2024; I’m not as fortunate to have it happen in the city where I live 🙂