Aloha – Day 2


It is almost noon on Monday, May 18th as I write this blog post, but here in lovely Hawaii, it is only 6:40am.  Yesterday was my 2nd day here and the fun continued!

I spent most of the morning working on school work. I am a full-time student after all, so being in Hawaii doesn’t even release me from my student responsibilities :-).  For lunch, I joined my coworkers at a nearby restaurant for dim sum.  I’m not sure exactly what I ate, but it was all good.  On the way to the restaurant, I passed this statue in front of the convention center

From Hawaii 2009


The statue represents the welcoming spirit of the Hawaiin people.  After lunch I headed to the convention center to look through the exhibits some more, and then had a massage courtesy of one of the vendors.  I so needed that massage – it felt great.  It was a little painful and my coworker tells me that is b/c I have a lot of tension that needs releasing. I agree 🙂 I must figure out a way to get another one. 

In the afternoon it was back to more school work but along the way back to the hotel I took more pictures.  The hotel has a village feel w/ a lot of open areas and spaces, so there is plenty to take pictures of.

From Hawaii 2009

  After getting more accomplished, it was time to head to the luau hosted by one of our vendors, OVID.  When I stopped by my coworkers room, I had to take a picture of their view of the ocean.  Absolutely gorgeous!

From Hawaii 2009  

  Then, we headed over to the luau.  They gave us leis made of fresh flowers too.

From Hawaii 2009

  The luau itself was fun – the food was good. I even ate a Hawaiin Purple Sweet Potato.  The purple sweet potatoes are native to Okinawa and in Hawaii are known as ‘uala. It was very good.  You can see what they look like by going here.  Entertainment for the evening was by way of a group of Polynesian dancers then a band performed several songs too.  I took  some video clips — one of the group dancing and then one of the guy w/ fire they also had.   Here is the group of polynesian dancers – I’ll put the fire guy up later.

Then, afterwards, came back and went to bed. I as pooped!  This morning however, we are going over to see Pearl Harbor, which I am very much looking forward to for family/genealogy reasons.  I will share more on that later.  I did add more pictures to my photo album, so if you looked once, look again! You can see them here.

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