Back from Texas

I got back last night from spending five days in Texas with Kalonji – had a great time! We didn’t do much at all except hang out and spend money. We did spend way too much money going to the movies — we say 4 of them; Bourne Supremacy, the Village, Spiderman 2 and Manchurian Candidate. I liked them all very much and LOVED the village! It is getting some mixed reviews about the ending, but I liked it so that’s all that matters 🙂 I think I’ll be getting all of these on DVD when they come out.

While in Corpus though, I did pick up one of the issues of Cross Stitch Gold that I was wanting – Issue 22. It has the colorful cat design that I mentioned in a previous post, so I was very happy indeed. Found it at Barnes & Noble. Unfortunately, the BN here does not carry Cross Stitch Gold anymore, but I’ve worked out a trade to start getting the issues.

Remember the nautical compass design I did last week? Well, I finished it as an ornament and Kalonji gave it to his Senior Chief today. I unfortunately did not take a picture of it, so I’ll never have a pic of it completely finished, but I think it came out nice 🙂

And, for my travel project, I started one of the Art Nouveau ladies that I raved about a few posts ago. I was not very great about keeping track of my time, but I’ll estimate that I have around 20 hours in on her. She stitches very easily, so I’m happy with the progress I made. Here is my pic:

BUT, everyone needs to yell at me now — WORK ON NOAH’S SUB! (i so need to get back to this piece)

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