Christmas Party

We had our annual Christmas party at my LNS tonite. Every year we do a white elephant exchange and it is always fun! I got a chance to see everyone again and even including a friend I’ve not seen in about two years!

So, I came away with a rose flower shadow box (thanks Kem!). I also took Kaleya and let me tell you, our group has had a baby boom – three babies born in 2004 among us  – Becca was first in March with Benjanmin, then Kem had her daughter October 1st, and the I had Kaleya on October 16th. Today, Kaleya is two months old – happy birthday!

Kem and I had a joint baby shower at the LNS back in September so it was great to see her little girl, McKenna, who I had not met yet. Our pictures are of course online  but the picture below has to be my favorite! This is the first really good picture I have of Kaleya with a big smile 🙂


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