Database Time

Work is keeping me too busy! It’s budget time in the library and we are gearing up to prepare our annual budget book. Let me tell you – we document everything we do and have the statistics to show it! So, I’m kind of a statistics freak now. In fact, I was looking at my various website stats earlier today. My main homepage with the Mirabilia & MLI galleries got 23,734 page requests last month. The site got 35,299 page requests. I estimate that about 2-3% of that is me making updates, etc. I’m such a geek!

On the stitching front – last night there was no stitching to be had. I instead made it a database night and worked on adding to the xs magazine database. I was able to add information on five issues of Treasures in Needlework and two issues of Stitcher’s World. A huge thanks to Jenny H. for the T. Needlework info! And today, Summer sent me a spreadsheet file with some BHG Cross-Stitch & Needlework issues and some JCS Ornament issues. It will probably be the weekend before I add them.

Tonite, I will stitch! I plan on working on my geisha and listening to more of my book. I am almost at the halfway point. Sayuri, the main character, has just recently become an official apprentice geisha and is starting to recount her early experiences. What I find so neat is how much homework Joan Elliott put into these designs as all the details are there – from the patterns on the kimono, the length of the obis, the style of ornaments in their hair. It’s all so interesting!

And in personal news – today is the 2 year anniversary of the day Kalonji proposed to me. Believe it or not, he proposed to me after we had a discussion about Fraggle Rock. It was really wild! Too bad he’s not here so we can celebrate (his ship is in Washington state right now.)