Do I Look Pregnant?

My friend emails me today and she wants to see a picture of me pregnant. Well, I’m not sure I really look all that pregnant! All of my friends and coworkers are saying that I don’t look pregnant, though I think now it is showing. However, I don’t think you’d necessarily know it unless you knew me and knew I was pregnant. While i’m having mixed feelings about that fact, I did tell her I would take a pic and send it to her. And of course, you all know I’m pregnant, so I guess i do look pregnant now, just not as pregnant as some may. Most of the reason for this I am sure is the fact that I am so well-endowed “up there” 🙂

I just took this at lunch today…

8 thoughts on “Do I Look Pregnant?

  1. I think you look beautifully pregnant – and so very happy.

    I never looked really pregnant either and was jealous of my friends who did. They all told me it was horrifically uncomfortable and they were jealous of me.

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