Frustrating stitching weekend

And even after the frogging fiasco I had with NS in my last post, the frogs continued on Friday night and Saturday morning! But, I finally got it right, so I’m happy to report that I stitched another 10 hours on Noahs Sub.

[link deleted]

Again, some issues going on with the scanner, but you can see I got the outline of all the potholes!

In other stitching related news…

Another stash report! I got six back issues of the World of Cross Stitching in today. I got them off Ebay several weeks ago. And, in a trade, I got a back issue of the Cross Stitcher (US). More mags for the index.

Tonite, I have not been stitching. I indexed three magazines and hope to get a couple of more in before i go to bed. I have also been working on the TWBB Directory I put together. I’ve had lots of people emailing me to add their information. So, for you TWBB folks – check it out

That’s about it for me. I don’t anticipate any more stitching for a couple of days as I want to catch up with some of my websites. Until then, I’ll be stitching vicariously through everyone else. 🙂