Geisha’d out?

I think I am finally at a point where I am ready to move on past my Oriental Lady Wisdom 🙂 In the past three days I have stitched another three hours on her. But I think the reason I am ready to move on is that I FINALLY brought my Oriental Lady Grace home from my LNS! I had her framed like 5 months ago, but took my sweet time paying it off. I am proud to say that she is hanging in our bedroom now, next to my Angel of the Morning. (here is a pic of where my AOTM is — i hung her between AOTM and the picture of the cougar) So, I think this gave me a sense of completion to the point I feel I can move on.

BTW – I did start to listen to the beginning of Cloud of Sparrows, so I think I will just continue with it over the weekend. No more themed stitching for me right now 🙂

What’s next? Who knows! I was thinking I might work on Yew Tree Cottage tomorrow evening. I am stitching it on some Monaco which is very tightly woven and am contemplating starting it over again on a looser woven material. Also, this piece is not exactly evenweave, so it’s coming out to be more rectangular than square like it should be.

If not Yew Tree, then I may choose a Mirabila to work on; i’ve been feeling a Mirabilia urge lately. But really, it will all just come down to what calls me the loudest when I sit down tonight.

In non-stitching news, I got to do something very cool yesterday. I had a meeting with people in our Medical Center’s Lifeflight department, so I got to see an excellent view of Nashville as they are on the very top floor of the hospital. I also saw a helicopter land on the heliopad and they explained some of their operations to me. Very cool!

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  1. I was thinking of stitching that Yew Cottage too… Have you seen the companion on that they had in the magazine a couple of months later?

    Did you get my emails about the Stitching Bloggers webring? I haven’t had a reply from you…

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