Had A Stitch Day

What a wonderful weekend! On Saturday, a few of my friends came over and we had a stitch day. It was great! In addition to Melissa, Mary, Katie, & Betty (who are in the picture) Fran and her DH Ollie, stopped by too for about 30 minutes. It was so nice to have everyone over. I really miss the more frequent stitch datys we used to have 🙂
I took a pic of Kaleya with Ollie — Ollie & Fran play Mr. & Mrs. Santa Claus at Christmas, so I told Kaleya she was practicing for when she would sit on Santa’s lap later on this year 🙂

And as for stitching, I finally moved on past my One Hundred Fu Characters. Here is my progress pic.  I have started working on my MLI Angel of Grace again and I think I’ll put a huge dent in it over the next couple of weeks.

Kaleya and I are at home today. Daycare is closed, so I have to stay home with her. We’re having a good time, she is so entertaining these days so I enjoy just watching her explore everything.

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