I’m all set for induction

Had my last midwife appt today, and everything looks like a go for Friday. I am almost 3cm dilated, I am 70% effaced, and the midwife said I am what they call “ripe” for induction. So, I’ll be going in on Friday and having a baby. I also have an ultrasound scheduled on Thursday afternoon, so maybe I will get more ultrasound pictures. Of course I’ll share if I do. 🙂

Stay tuned.. won’t be long before Kaleya is here.

7 thoughts on “I’m all set for induction

  1. Wishing you all the luck in the world with your induction, which will hopefully go significantly better than mine did. Hoping even more that you go into labor on your own before then! And most of all, wishing you a happy healthy baby!! 🙂

  2. Best of luck and i’m sure that everything will be fine. Remember labour is the time to shout insults and get away with it 😉
    Look forward to the first pic of Kaleya

  3. Taneya – good luck! Here’s hoping for a speedy labor and delivery!

    Your brother is only about 30 miles from me! Best of luck to them and their baby too!


  4. Hello from the Netherlands,

    How nice that you’re about to have a baby-girl! Good luck with labor and enjoy her as much as you can. A newborn is so special!!
    Have you stitched something beautiful for her?


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