Kaleya is 4 months today

And, I’ve updated her webpage with her latest developmental milestones. I plan to do this every month and then evenually archive them all for inlcusion in her baby book.  I dressed her up today, but we’ll see if she manages not to drool/spit up all over herself 🙂

I meant to take a new picture of my progress on One Hundred Chinese Character Fu, but did not get around to it, but I’m still working on it. I really, really need to move on, so perhaps this weekend I’ll rotate to another project. Thanks to Hazel, I got the latest two issues of Cross Stitch Gold – one of my absolute favorite magazines. There are some cute things in it, things I could see myself stitching.

And, my brother is now again overseas in Afghanistan. He’s got a contract job with the military. We didn’t really want him to go, but he’s there now, so we just are going to keep our fingers crossed that he makes it home safely. His first visit home is scheduled for June I believe.

7 thoughts on “Kaleya is 4 months today

  1. Kaleya is 4 months old?!? I swear it feels like she was just born. Adorable little girl you have there. =) Prayers go out to your brother that he comes home safe and sound. *hugs*

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