Our 12th Anniversary

December 31, 2013 was our 12th anniversary and Kalonji and I had a nice, leisurely day. We hung out with Kaleya running various errands around town and finished the day with a fulfilling dinner at the Aquarium Restaurant.

Earlier in the day, I took this picture of Kalonji and Kaleya wrapped up in his Dr. Who scarf 🙂

And here is photo montage of our dinner. Yummy!

2 thoughts on “Our 12th Anniversary

  1. Praise be to Allah! Y’all family is the epitome of the Black Family. I love y’all so much, may Allah continue to bless y’all with the success we know marriage is the cornerstone of family and family is the cornerstone of Community and Community is the cornerstone of Nation. When our families begin to take their vows seriously as y’all have and teaching your children the science of everything. Then we will see a total revolution of the Black Nation which will make us free today and forever more. Truth has come to you~

    1. Thank you so much Maurice for your kind words. 🙂 Kalonji and I are truly lucky to have each other and we look forward to many more years together. Hope we get to see you sometime soon!

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