Pre-Christmas Weekend

This weekend we’ve had some fun as a family – but not too much. There’s  something said about just relaxing and enjoying peace and quiet at home.

On Saturday we went to a friend’s house for her annual holiday party for the families of kids she has kept over the  years.  She was Kaleya’s care provider for three years until Kaleya started school.

I have to say,  she had the most awesome GingerBread House ever – they decorated up their TV cabinet 🙂

the most awesome Ginger Bread House
Kaleya & friend inside the Ginger Bread House
Orange candles we made before the party - that was fun!
with all her kiddos!

Then, today,  we took a visit to the Frist Center for Visual Arts to see their Egyptian Treasures exhibit.  The exhibit was well done too – lots of interesting artifacts from Egypt.  There were some features I particularly liked – being able to download the audio tour, short movies throughout the gallery, and more — they helped give it a nice touch.  The exhibit will be there until January 8th, so if you’re local to the area you still have time to visit.

outside the Frist
beautiful coffin on display
kiddos out back

Now, unfortunately, it’s time to wind down and prepare for the week. At least it is a short one. 🙂