Stash Report

Not much to report in stitching news. You know why? Cuz I’ve hardly done any stitching. The past few days I’ve been doing web work. I have put in maybe 3 hours on Noah’s Submarine but I keep messing up and ripping out. Last night I finally got a few stitches placed in the right places, so I’m moving better now.

But I have been wrapped up in a new website I’m developing. I am making an online directory for the TWBB and learning more web development skills.

I do have a stash report — I went to my LNS tonite and she had in books that people brought in for her book swap. So, I picked up 7 back issues of The Cross Stitcher (US). I didn’t even know that it went back as far as it does – I got some from 84 and 85 and saw some projects I might consider stitching. I also got a few leaflets – the first 5 in my stash album are the ones I got tonite.

Tomorrow I plan to keep working on Noah’s Sub and on Sunday I’ll move on to TW’s Birth Announcement.
I hope others are getting their stitching in too!