They are making a movie!

Thanks to Melissa, i found out that they are making a movie out of Memoirs of a Geisha. I cannot tell you how excited I am about it as of course I think many of you are aware of my fascination with geishas 🙂

So, in this news story she sent me, Steven Spielburg is co-producer and some of the stars are Zhang Ziyi who will play Sayuri and Michelle Yeoh who will play her mentor (who’s name i cannot remember right now). Both of these acresses were in Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Ken Wantanabe of the Last Samurai will also be in it and Gong Li will be in it as well. Gong Li is another well known Chinese actress of whom I have seen couple of her movies several months back thanks to my boss. I cannot wait for this movie!

Stitching wise, i haven’t done much this week. it’s becoming more difficult for me to stitch after work, so i try to get it in on the weekend. I am still working on Noah’s Sub though. And pregnancy wise, I can’t believe there is only a little more than 6 weeks to go til the due date!

4 thoughts on “They are making a movie!

  1. Your Noah’s Sub is coming along great! I had four sons and I KNOW I would be REALLY EXCITED to have a girl! I am so glad I found your blog!

  2. Oh goodness, don’t say that! If you only have a little over 6 weeks to go, then so do I. EEK! Congratulations on NS. It’s looking fabulous!

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