Too Many Emails

I have over 1200 emails in my gmail inbox.  So, you know what my New Year’s Resolution is this year? To keep my inbox to 100 messages or less and do a better job at archiving emails as I should.  I have been successful at keeping my work email inbox down to less than 100 messages at work for the past 3 or 4 months now, so it’s time to get going on my personal email.   

Hope everyone is enjoying their new year.  I start classes again on Monday and will be taking a Health Behavioral Methods course.  I will also be finalizing plans for my thesis work this month so it makes for a busy time for me.   I’ve had a horrible headache since last night, so am trying to rest as much as I can before the weekend is over. 

In child news — Kaleya opened one of the DVDs we got her for Christmas – Word World. This is a PBS series that I think is cool — they make the shapes of animals, items, etc using the words that spell the word – see example below.  With this approach, Kaleya can spell the word aloud and right away know what it spells without prompting from us – a great approach to learning how to read!