What is GMAIL doing?

I logged into GMAIL this morning to check my email and they have a message up about increasing MB space. I thought, cool! It’s up from 1000 MB to 1333 MB. Well, I logged back in about 10 minutes later and it was up to 1341 MB. If you look at their site, you see the number of MB offered is going increasingly higher (it’s like a ticker). So, I logged back in again just now and it’s up to 1355 of MB space.  This is cool!

Now, It’s april 1st – is this an April Fool’s joke? GMAIL was announced last year on April 1st and people thought it was a joke – yet it turned out to be true. Let me just say, I LOVE GOOGLE!  Let’s see if this turns out to be a joke or not.  But in any case, Google rocks! If anyone wants a GMAIL address, let me know – I have plenty of invites to use.

One of my latest Google discoveries is Google Maps — the way they do the maps makes them so you can click and drag — much easier to use than Mapquest or Yahoo maps 🙂

3 thoughts on “What is GMAIL doing?

  1. Its great, isn’t it? Google announced today that they were doubling capacity of the email accounts to 2mb as of today. I’ve been watching the numbers go up on mine too.

  2. I’ve been watching the same thing. Not sure if it will stick, but it’s fun! And I’m glad your little one is feeling better. I can’t imagine how un-fun a sick baby is.

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