KAMAU CURTIS– Kamau means “quiet warrior”. The Curtis comes from both hismaternal and paternal grandfathers – they were both named Curtis. He is a very independent young boy and loves his Granny Kit-Kat!

MILES-KAHLIL MORROW – Kalonji named him for two of his favorite artists, Miles Davis, and Kahlil Gibran. Miles is Latin for “soldier” and Kahlil is Arabic for “close friend”. Morrow is also Kalonji’s middle name. Ironically, Miles is a very artistic young gentleman so his names are very appropriate.

JIHAD KHRMON – Jihad’s true Arabic translation means “the struggle to do right by God”. It can also be translated to “Holy War”. Khrmon is Kalonji’s brother Kacheyta’s middle name. Jihad loves al things related to Egypt.

QACHEYTA-SAHIB AUSTIN’RAYE – Kalonji named Q after his brother, Kacheyta, just changed the spelling some. Qacheyta/Kacheyta means “advisary”, Sahib is Arabic for “Master/Lord”.

KALEYA FRANCES – Kaleya was born on my maternal grandmother’s birthday, October 16th, and has the middle name of her paternal grandmother.  Her name is a combination of mine and Kalonji’s – KALonji + tanEYA = KALEYA.  We picked her name within weeks of knowing each other, well before we knew we would ever had a child together.