GENEALOGY — I research my family history as well as help others find clues to their ancestry.  I started this hobby in 2006 and have a website with our own family tree, as well as a genealogy blog dedicated to my own research and various family history-related items.   I coordinate several websites at a county level that are part of a national network of genealogy websites – Hillsborough County, FLMcLean County, KY Blount County, TN, Madison County, TN —  Martin County, NC — Jones County, NCOnslow County, NC, Wake County, NC & Washington County, NC.   I am also one of the Assistant State Coordinators and webmaster for the statewide NCGenWeb project and State Coordinator for the TNGenWeb project. Through this work I’ve gotten to know many more fellow genealogists and have a greater appreciation and understanding of the states of Florida, North Carolina, and Tennessee. I also have blogs dedicated to sharing information from old newspapers and other genealogical information for the Plymouth, NC area, the Kinston, NC area and Nashville, TN.   Furthermore, I have two surname projects; my Koonce Genealogy site & my Vanderbilt Family Genealogy site.  Through my genealogy work I’ve made connections with many other researchers, and extended family members.  I maintain my work in an online database housed at www.taneya-kalonji.com/family.

COMPUTERS — I love ’em.  I’m big into technology and love to experiment with most things Web-related. I’m a huge proponent of cloud computing and social media.  After I first learned HTML in library school in 1999, I was forever hooked with all things Internet. I’ve maintained a strong online presence since then, with my website evolving over time – first it was on the servers at the University of North Carolina @ Chapel Hill, then I secured www.taneyakoonce.com, and after getting married, changed it to www.taneya-kalonji.com.  I started blogging in 2003.  With this current iteration, I’m very thankful to have WordPress so that I can focus less on HTML and more on content.  I’m definitely a WordPress fangal.  Over the years, I’ve developed & maintained (or help maintained) around 100 different websites and I teach others how to use it for genealogy purposes.

CROSS-STITCHING/KNITTING/CROCHET — I started cross-stitching after I graduated high school in 1993.  From then until 1997, I stitched occasionally, mostly during the summers.  Graduate school marked the beginning of my working on projects during the school year, and once I was out of school in 1999, it became a full-on obsession.  From 99 until I had Kaleya, I worked on so many projects and would easily stitch 24-40+ hours a week – that’s another job!  Since 2005, I have not stitched very frequently, but it remains close to my heart and I’m sure I’ll pick it back up again.  You can see some of my completed projects here and some of the projects hanging in limbo until I return to them here.  While avid into this hobby, I once had a site that served as a gallery to showing off stitcher’s versions of designs created by Mirabilia, Lavender & Lace, and Told in a Garden.  I created a database of designs that appeared in various cross-stitch magazines, and even hosted stitcher galleries online.  I’ve since disbanded these two sites (the magazine database was transferred to Anita in 2009) as my time efforts & interests eventually just went elsewhere. Over the years I’ve learned how to knit & crochet – with my preference being for crochet. You can see some of my projects in my online album.

MY JOB — I am a Senior Information Scientist with the Center for Knowledge Management at Vanderbilt University Medical Center.  I love my job!  Along with my supervisor and colleagues, we help our users (providers & patients in the medical center) access and manage information.  We collaborate on multidisciplinary teams to impact information acquisition and use.   I’m fortunate to work in such an exciting environment.  From conducting research on the non-medical parts of our lives that affect health to helping in efforts our team undertakes to capture the knowledge that various people have in a way that can be reused, I have opportunities to participate in many, many different types of projects. It’s great!  In May 2010 I completed my 2nd masters degree – a Masters in Public Health and have been able to leverage what I’ve learned in support of our projects & goals. You can learn more about my work by visiting my academic profile.

DISCLAIMER: The views and opinions expressed here are not necessarily those of Vanderbilt University Medical Center, and they may not be used for advertising or product endorsement purposes.  (Added April 23, 2010)

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